To carry denim or not to carry denim?

Denim bags were once the territory of festival days but are now one of the bag styles for summer 2023. And the denim revolution this season is for everyone with bags for every budget. Sure, if you want to splash some cash you have the big name designers all with denim options; from the Chanel mini flap bag, the Bottega Veneta Teen Jodie shoulder bag to Celine’s Matelasse denim shoulder bag. However, there are plenty of denim bags at lots of different price points that all have a distinctive look.

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10 of the best bags for summer under £100

With the news headlines full of rises in the cost of living, regardless of where you live in the world, let’s keep this summer as affordable as possible. Here’s the rundown of eye-catching bags all for under £100 or under AUS $175 or US $130! I’ve kept a focus on the bags you can through over your shoulder in keeping with one of the bag trends this summer. And whether you want leather, recycled or fabric, here are the best fashion bags from the high street or online stores from the US, Europe and Australia – we’ve got you covered.

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Beach boys…and girls. Unisex bags for summer.

This weekend lots of us Brits are no longer dreaming of a beach holiday but booking flights – albeit the list of countries we can travel to is limited, a beach in Portugal is calling. So to save everyone time whilst they are busy finding flights and accommodation, here’s a rundown of the 5 beach bags that would look good on anyone’s arm.

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Festival Fashion Fix – bags to carry your essentials this summer

Music and fashion are tight siblings, complimentary as tea and biscuits (statesiders read oreos and milk), Easter and eggs, movies and popcorn. Need I go on? And when you are outside, dancing just like you don’t care, you want your hands free, to put them in the air. Continue reading “Festival Fashion Fix – bags to carry your essentials this summer”

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