Sunday Special – bags of colour for Autumn and winter

This week’s Sunday Special is my 5 favourite bags spotted on instagram over the last week that I promise will add the right dose of colour to your autumn and winter wardrobe.  And with all the instagram feeds fully loaded with the Spring/Summer fashion shows, it can be hard to find inspiration for this autumn/winter.

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Something for the weekend – bags on location

Today’s Sunday Special rounds up the bags spotted on instagram this week that bring drama to your feed.  There are no apologies for the indulgent shots taken by some of your favourite handbag designers; from high art to all the fun of the fair.  To help you get into the Autumn/winter vibe, cast your eyes of these 5 fabulous bags…

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Autumn ready on instagram – bag inspiraton

Something for the weekend is back after a long summer break.  And instagram has been trawled to save you the scrolling and any repetitive strain finger injuries!  Today’s Sunday Special are the bags spotted on insta this week that will rock an Autumn fashion trend.  Whilst the sun may well be shining in your part of the world, let’s give a nod to the 5 handbag designers who are getting us ready to adopt the new season.

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#fridayfeeling – 5 bag spots on instagram on 22 Sept 17

Happy Friday all!  Whilst it’s the official first day of Autumn/Fall for us northern hemisphere dwellers, here in London we are remembering life before uber!  Change is unstoppable but one thing we can rely on is the fabulous inspiration for fashion on instagram.

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#fridayfeeling – 5 fav bags on instagram on 15 Sept 17

Happy Friday!  And it’s that time of the week where I give my roundup of the bags that caught my eye on instagram this week.  Think of it as a lucky dip, you can’t be sure of what you’ll get – just like a surprise gift!

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#friday feeling – 5 fav bags on instagram, 8 Sept 17

Here’s my five favourite bags found on Instagram this week; a little something for the weekend.  Enjoy!

  1. From Mark Cross a top handle bag with a refreshing metallic finish for day wear

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