No matter your location, the bags for remote working

Most of us have had to change our place of work recently. And being able to work remotely and change your location, requires a bag big enough to carry your laptop, charger, notepad, phone and maybe a change of clothes With these backpacks you can get the most out of work, without compromising on style or design. Who said that a laptop backpack had to be black? There’s only one black backpack in this collection of the top 10 laptop bags.

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Searching for the best laptop bag on the King’s Road

The King’s Road Chelsea is lined with shops of all different shapes and sizes so I was hopeful that this shopper’s paradise of south west London would deliver up quality results for my brief… ‘find me a bag which I will use primarily to transport my laptop but I don’t want it to look like a bag that a man would carry’.  Continue reading “Searching for the best laptop bag on the King’s Road”

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