#fridayfeeling – 5 favourite street style bag spots on instagram 6 Oct 17

Here’s a little something for the weekend – my 5 favourite bags spotted on instagram this week. I can’t get enough of bags that rock the street style look.  So if you are sitting comfortably…

From Valextra – pre-register for the Passepartout bag with stripes!  Available in other colour ways.

Valextra bag

From Eudon Choi – a selection of bags in bold shapes and colours.  One of my other favourite bags can be found in the 8 street style bag designs

Eudon Choi does street style

From Manu Atelier contrasting colours and stand out shapes.  Handbags and crossbody bags are the go to bags for a street style outfit.  Look out for the box bag with the striped strap too.

Manu Atelier does street style

From Loeffler Randall enjoy mini tote bags with a knot.  Here is a furry version but there is the same bag in silver to make a black outfit shine.

Loeffler Randall does street style

Furla has just launched bold print bags.  Love the bright zebra print here.  However, if you are looking for something more understated check out the retro bowling bag – choose the black and white or the red and white combo.

Furla does street style


So there you have it, the 5 bags that can make a street styled outfit rock.  These are my favourite bags that I spotted over the last week.  That’s the only requirement for the #fridayfeeling lucky dip selection – the bags must have been posted in the last week.

To really get under the skin of the bags that rock street style, pop over to my article from earlier this week which turns a light on the bag designs that work with different street style looks.




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