How to belt up!

When it comes to belts, we tend to keep them to the waists. But over the last couple of seasons this little accessory is adding impact to our bags.

This week’s ‘something for the weekend’ brings you the belt action appearing on bags on Instagram over the last week.

They appear around the top of the bag with thin and thick belt widths, as wrist straps or fasteners. So if you’re sitting comfortably, perhaps loosen a few holes yourself and enjoy the 5 favourites spotted this week…

Let’s kick off with the bold belt from Boyy BoutiqueBelt on bags - Boyy Boutique

Next up is this belt like finish to the wrist strap in this lovely round circular bags from Tara Zadeh, one of the bags of this season.

Belt on bags - Tara Zadeh

How about vertically placed straps to add interest to a more traditional bag shape for a special occasion this summer? Ame Moi has you covered.

Belt on bags - Ame Moi

Here’s to the belt inspired fastening on this summer shoulder bag from Strathberry, ice cool!

Belt on bags - Strathberry

And here’s to one of my favourite bags from Burberry, quite literally the belt bag! Still on restricted supply – doing the celebrity rounds. It seems us mere mortals will need to wait to the Autumn.

Belt on bags - Burberry

There you go, my 5 favourites spotted on instagram. But before I bid you farewell this holiday weekend, let’s pay homage to the original belt bag, the Birkin.  Nothing more to say😉 but belt up and let’s get this weekender started!

Belts on bags - the new summer fashion trend

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