Red alert for autumn and winter

There was one colour that really stood out for accessories on the AW’20 runways and that was red and you could find it quilted, padded, textured, a background to a plaid check, on large or small bags. However, if you pop down to instagram right now, you’ll be hard pressed to find bags in red. But I don’t give up easily and this something for the weekend spotlight brings you full on red inspiration in all shapes and sizes. So if you are sitting comfortably…

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An ABC guide to the classic designer bags

When it comes to the best designer handbags, there are many lists out there. Ones showcasing the most popular, the best investments, the classic bags. But when you’ve decided that you want to treat yourself to a designer bag that will stand the test of time, where do you start? Try this list if you don’t want to sell your car to own a Hèrmes or are too full of anxiety about fakes when buying second hand.

This list is no ordinary collection of designer bags. What you have here is a list of 10 well known designers, whose bag styles have and will stand the test of time. It’s been curated to ensure a great cost per wear. These iconic bags will delight future outfits and yes, you’ll take them out of the dust bag more than once a year!

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Hey Big Spender! Fashion bags of distinction for winter 2018/9, under £5000

What bags are ‘so good lookin’, so refined’ when you have a budget of up to £5000?   Plenty of bags of distinction and brands fall into the shortlist.  Overlay the fashion trends for winter 2018 and there are 10 designer handbags that you should spend a little time perusing.

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Seriously sexy designer handbags for under £3000 – including a Hermes!

#Tuesdaythoughts don’t necessarily stray to shopping, however, today I wondered what designer handbag brands would pop into the price range of £1000 to £3000 and yes it’s true, you can get a Louis Vuitton or Hermes for this budget!

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East versus west London for the battle of pre-loved designer handbags

When it comes to seeking out a bargain, buying a second hand or pre-loved designer handbag is something to think about.  And if you are a touchy-feely person and need to see the quality of the goods first hand, I get it, buying online isn’t for you.   So, when in London, where should you go to discover designer handbag gems in the flesh? Continue reading “East versus west London for the battle of pre-loved designer handbags”

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