AW’20 fashion bag trends

The fashion shows for autumn winter ’20 collections were way back in March when the spread of coronavirus was all consuming.  Now that most countries are beginning their phased exists out of lockdown, let’s look back at the shows from New York, London, Paris and Milan for the bag trends for the autumn winter fashions.  You can sum up over 200 designers’ bag into 5 key bag trends, from distinctive shapes, top openers and soft textures.

However, there were a few familiar styles including the micro bag and the oversize tote bags spotted on the runways, which were seen the season before.  So good news, if you’ve got ones of these.  Keep wearing and style with one of the 7 women’s fashion trends.  Before we dive into the bags from the AW’20 fashion shows, let’s have a quick recap of the fashion trends and what bags to match them with.  Here’s are the 7 fashion trends:

  1. Plaid check – opt for a bag with one colour and a boxy shape
  2. Tasselled hems – try a contrasting feminine and minimalist frame bag
  3. Leather jackets and skirts – match the colour of your leather with your bag
  4. Red outfit – opt for a distinctive black bag
  5. Black outfit – go for a red or pink bag
  6. Shag texture outerwear – choose a bag of same tonal colour with chain accent
  7. Shoulder and sleeve volume – continue the volume with a quilted bag

Now for some visual inspiration straight from the fashion shows:

Chain bags

From the left, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana

Quilted bags

From the left, Valentino, Balmain, Moncler and Alexander McQueen

Box shaped bags

From the left, Oscar de la Renta, Gabriela Hearst, Lanvin and Balenciaga

Feminine frame bags

Top row: Christian Dior, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson.  Second row: Ulla Johnson, Miu Miu

Distinctive shapes

Top row: Isabel Marant, Longchamp, Marc Jacobs.  Second row: Off-White, Stella McCartney

With over 20 bags for inspiration, now you know the fashion trends for the next season.  You never know, you may be able to spot one of these bag trends in the covid 19 early summer sales and grab a bargain.



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