Is there such a thing as a sustainable Christmas gift guide?

When is comes to handbags?  Well, there are plenty of sustainable ideas for Christmas but they usually fall into recycled wrapping paper, crackers, greeting cards, giving to charity, rent a Christmas tree and for the Blue Planet II watchers, avoiding plastic is front of mind.  But can you be sustainable when gifting a handbag?

And the answer is, yes you can!  The way to do it is seek out pre-loved handbag sources to keep your eco-friendly values firmly in place.  Pre-loved, or well cared for second hand designer handbags (to the uninitiated) are aplenty and here are some examples of how to find them (all under £5000):

1  Chanel – how about the Maxi Double Flap?  Classic quilted bag which chain strap.  Found at Designer Exchange for £3500.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for handbags

2  For the lovers of British design, how about Burberry?  This small buckle bag at The Handbag Clinic is brand new (never used by its previous owner). Priced at £3845.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for handbags

3  A classic Hermes from Rewind who specialise in vintage items.  This clutch bag, Jige PM Swift will satisfy many a clutch bag fan.  Priced at £1850.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for handbags

4   Go from Winter to Spring and Summer with the Lady Dior from Christian Dior at Designer Exhange.  Priced at £3000.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for handbags

5  Last but by no means least from Louis Vuitton the Artsy tote bag, to rock an elegant weekend style.  Found at The Handbag Clinic for £1495.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for handbags

My top tips for buying pre-loved designer handbags are:

  • Buy from a reputable company (see reviews below)
  • Speak with the seller to check condition (the classifications vary between sellers but as this is a Christmas gift guide I’ve selected those marked A or 9 out of 10 for condition, which means minimal signs, if any, of wear)
  • Check delivery times to meet your Christmas deadlines

Check out a few reviews of the online retailers for pre-loved designer handbags and if you are ever in London, a street just off the main road in Knighstbridge can be a treasure trove (or should I say Santa’s Grotto for the handbag lover)!

And if pre-loved still isn’t your thing and a brand new bag will only do, why not seek out the designers who are all about creating designs in new materials or have ethical mindsets such as

  • Matt & Nat whose motto is ‘live beautifully’ who explore new ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Lost Property of London who take ‘zero waste’ as their focus and are for those who seek luxury in the sustainable, long-lasting and handmade.

Happy gifting!


Photo credit: by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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