Which designer fashion store is best for the bags of 2020?

It’s a weird time to review which designer store is best for the fashion bags for spring/summer 2020 when a global pandemic if forcing us to ‘batten down the hatches’. Making adjustments as the virus affects the spring calendar can come in the form of lowering your budget for your spring/summer designer wardrobe. So what happens when you compare 3 of the top designer stores when searching for the perfect designer fashion bag, whilst setting a maximum spending limit of £1000?

Selfridges, matchesfashion.com and Browns Fashion were selected as they all offer a wide range of delivery services, from same day to international, so you don’t even have to leave home. The 3 stores went head to head to see who offered the best range of designer bags under £1000. Here are the 10 designer handbags that rock one of the bag fashion trends of SS’20 found in one of these 3 stores

The White Room

This summer you can go wrong with a soft pouch or rope handle bag. Whilst Bottega Veneta are getting all the soft pouch plaudits, you need over £2000 for your budget. So may I introduce you to the mini drawstring Protea bag (on the left) from Mansur Gavriel (£485). For the nod to the nautical, praise Offwhite (on the right) for the Jitney rope top handle bag (£830). And when you can’t resist some impactful styling features, bags of personality comes from the Tall Medium bag (in the middle) from Kenzo (£585).

Source: matchesfashion.com for Mansur Gavriel and Selfrdiges for Offwhite and Kenzo.

Full colour

For summer 2020 the citrus colours are ready for the picking. For a lime offering in the revived 1990s baguette style, By Far (on the left) brings us the Miranda bag (£530). If you tend to lean to the more hot colours, opt for a soft pouch bag from Studio Amelia (in the centre) who brings us the orange 1.3 bag (£320). When you can’t decide between the orange and green, don’t settle for less with the Berg bag from Scotria (on the right). It’s full on fun (£290).

Source: Selfridges for By Far and Scotria, Browns Fashion for Studio Amelia.

Nearly neutral

One of the print fashions for SS’20 is polka dots. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a long red dress with white polka dots or a white shirt with black dots and a flowing white trouser, the best bag to pair with the polka dots is a neutral tan bag. From Anya Hindmarch (on the left) the Rope Bow mini bag (£850) has that rope handle finish. If you prefer less detail, the Brie leather bag from 1017 Alyx 9SM (on the right) has that box shape and minimalist feel (£615).

Source: matchesfashion.com for Anya Hindmarch and Selfridges for 1017 Alyx 9SM.

Get knotted

1970s crochet is back for the summer and if a string shopping bag isn’t your vibe, here’s how you can give that gentle nod to the handcrafted weave. For a raffia option head to Stella McCartney (on the left) and her tote bag (£445). For more contrast and detail in the finish, the straw weave from Aranaz (on the right) has a square base, inner drawstring pouch with an outer fringe (£185). This is not a bag from just for the beach.

Source: Browns Fashion for both Stella McCartney and Aranaz.

The list of 10 designer bags for your summer wardrobe all came from Selfridges, matchesfashion.com and Browns Fashion. If you want to keep to a maximum budget of £1000, the widest selection of options to match one of the season’s fashion trends, came from Selfridges offering 5 out of the 10 bags, followed by Browns with 3 out 10 and last but by no means least, matchesfashion.com who gave us 2 of the 10 bag options.

If you’re going to cap your shopping with a budget, good news, your designer bag options are plenty.

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