Sunday Special – the bags on insta this September

Something for the weekend is back for September and instagram has been trawled. And this month it has been all about the four cities’ SS’21 fashion shows; from New York to Paris (with the official opening of Paris on 28 September). To get a feel of how the four cities are reimagining their collection launches, in the new world of social distancing, some designers are keeping with the physical show where others are embracing the virtual. As a result, my instagram feed is full of video clips. So, I’ve viewed and scrolled and spotted some bags that capture the trends for SS’21. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, here’s a whistle stop tour of the shows’ styles.

The new shape tote

Welcome back to the tote bag that brings us the triangle side shape, giving us the space to fill it with our essentials. In quite a few shows, there was a clear nod to keeping your outfit toned, all from a similar colour palette, accessories included. I’m loving the SS’21 day dreams from Bally.

Something for the weekend - SS'21 inspiration

Totally tall totes

And the triangle side shaped tote bags aren’t all landscaped shaped. Thank you to Scotria who give us a taller shaped tote bag. And this is microfibre, a leather alternative, so vegan friendly. Top marks!

Something for the weekend - SS'21 collection

Room for 90’s retro

This shorter handled, triangle shaped tote bag is all part of the 1990’s power dressing that the team at Karl Lagerfeld has revived and given a fresh twist.

Something for the weekend - SS'21 inspiration
Karl Lagerfeld

Cool vibes

And Spring always introduces a splash of colour and there’s lots of candy pinks and blues. Max Mara is one of the designers who brings us oversize as well as micro bags in their spring and summer collection. And as someone who finds it hard to travel light, I’m delighted with the cool blue hue here on the oversize shoulder bag.

Something for the weekend - SS'21 inspiration
Max Mara

Keep it toned!

One trend spotted in the three capitals’ runways is toning your accessories with your outfit – no accent needed with your bag. And GUM Design show us a best in class option, a fringed bucket bag that is toned beautifully with the model’s dress.

Something for the weekend - SS'21 inspiration
GUM Design

There you have it, my five favourite bags on instagram this month, which are giving us some of the key trends coming out of the SS’21 collections. Think tote bags, think tones and embrace the oversize. With more to follow here @bagwhispers next month on the shows, for now, I hope I’ve helped whet your appetite.

Photo credit for header image. Thanks to Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.

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