Saturday Special – the bags on insta this October

Something for the weekend is back and it’s great when you get something more for nothing and this weekend, most of us in the northern hemisphere will be enjoying an extra hour as the clocks go back tonight. But all of us can enjoy something a bit more when you use a tall tote bag – it has the economy of scale – you get the benefits of more space without having the wide dimensions. And here are my 5 favourite tall bags on instagram this month.

DIY bag

Pop down to instagram and watch slide 2 of this post – we can all have this oversize tote bag as it comes with instructions on how to make. There’s beauty in the folds and knots, all you need is a long strip of fabric. Thank you to Gabriela Hearst for sharing.

Tall tote bags on instagram

Origami bag

Calling all sustainable fashion followers. From Aspinal of London, this origami tote bag has to be seen to be believed. Watch the bag in a video on instagram to appreciate not just the responsibly sourced leather, recycled thread but how it folds.

Tall tote bags on instagram

Elegant days

Not a tall tote, but I couldn’t resist a tall bag for the not so every day duties. Look to Yuzefi for an elegant tall bag for nights out and special occasions. Don’t be put off by the name, it’s called the Pitta bag, no thoughts of pale looking bread, this bag is available in four colours.

Tall bags on instagram

Fine art

This bag is a beauty from the Italian based handbag brand Giaquinto. The tall Janine bag is architectural and structural. This bag is a looker from every angle. Love, love, love🥰.

Tall tote bags on instagram

Soft and suede

Last but by no means least, Coccinelle brings us a flap bag of oversize proportions and isn’t it gorgeous. This has a dash of 1970s styling brought right up to modern day. I’m ready to swing this over my shoulder right now!

Tall tote bags on instagram

There you have it, the designers that are inspiring me this week on instagram with the tall bags.

Hope you’re having a great weekend. Keep up to date here:

Thanks to cottonbro for the header image on Pexels.

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