Autumn/Winter 2022 bag trends

It was back in March when the fashion world introduced us to the autumn/fall/winter fashion trends and bags. And back then, when it was the start of spring in the northern hemisphere and the temperatures started heating up, it was difficult to take notice of the new faux fur trims and tactile shearling bags. But now it feels time to give you the edit of the styles, which, if I’m honest, are difficult to summarise.

At first glance, every shape and size was on the catwalk, micro to oversize totes, studded, structured, and soft-touch pouches. So one might relax with a sigh of relief and conclude anything goes! But the edit for you here is one that will focus on the elements that were standout, different from seasons before. So when shopping, whether you’re a firm follower of fashion or just need inspiration to suit your budget, you have some signature accents to keep in mind. If you’re sitting comfortably, this will only take a couple of minutes. Let’s go!

Give it some shine

Whether it is a patent bag or one that glitters a perfect shine, those evening events are definitely in for a polished treat. There’s inspiration from new and well-established designers; Kiko Kostadinov and Off White – both here looking very pretty in pink, other colours available! Some of the designers have released classic bags in patent too, for example, the Medusa bag from Versace is in patent leather, nad the mini size looks cute.

Bold and beaded

There’s a variety of textures, from the shearling that appears every winter season in some form (even the Loulou bag from Laurent) and the studs by Valentino which have inspired more spikey outlines by other designers including Alexander McQueen. However, say hello to bold beading by Givenchy and Bottega Veneta.

Styling shapes

As mentioned above, the AW 2022 runways saw all sizes of bags in styles you’ve seen before, from the micro (a tiny Dior Saddle bag) to the oversize tote bag (Brandon Maxwell), however, top marks go to the new structured bags that stand out from the boxy top handle with which we are familiar with. I’ve after years of not being bothered by Prada bags I find myself being seduced by a brushed leather bag and the new Greca Goddess collection from Versace.

Soft and structured

Whether you like a bag with one pocket or multi-pouches, structure or slouchy, you can’t beat a bag that gives you the best of both worlds; a soft bag, with a distinctive weave and a strong silhouette. I applaud the combo of the tote bag with distinctive whipstitching at Chloé and the classic interwoven leather slouch bag from Bottega Veneta with this accent metal handle.

There you have it, as the long bright warm days in the northern hemisphere start to get a bit shorter and cooler, and wardrobe hues begin to be refreshed, there are four new bag trends for this autumn/fall and winter.

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