Guide number 2: Autumn/Winter 18 fashion styles

Wow are we in for a treat this season! The Autumn/Winter trends are packed to the brim with prints, in both wool and silks; it’s a fabric feast. And these prints are bold – not for the faint-hearted. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go head to toe dressed in animal print. Bagwhispers is here to the rescue. You can use your bag as the season accent!

But before you can start hunting down your statement accessory, you’ll need a guide to the fashion styles of Autumn/winter 2018/9. Now, if you’re more visual than you are verbal, sample the season’s trends by clicking through 30 slides from the catwalks as edited by Harpers Bazaar. However, if you’re sitting comfortably, with your beverage of choice, here’s your guide to the top 5 Autumn/winter fashion styles:

1 The LEATHER Look

The leather look is long – go for a dress, trousers, coat or long pencil skirt. You need more than a biker jack this season to rock the look. Most fashion editors shortlisted the green Givenchy leather look from the catwalk – so no need to think black.

Handbag choice: With a full on leather look, is a leather handbag the equivalent of going triple denim? Not at all. Consider keeping the bag in the same colour hue as your leather clothing. However, with this season’s fabric fest I would also rock a complimentary yet contrasting fabric such as suede – in a colour from the same palette as your leather.

2 ANIMAL Admiration

Zebra, leopard, tiger, the prints are bold spots or stripes. Avoid being half-hearted with this look. The easiest way to incorporate it, is to go with a dress shape that suits your body. However, hats off to Tom Ford with red spots on jacket, trousers and handbag!

Handbag choice: Finding a handbag in the same or similar print is the full on way to take on this print’s look. However, the safe but still effective look is to grab a bag in the colour of the stripe or spot (usually black) and go for a chain strap to accent.

3 Let’s talk about TWEED

One might say tweed is the majesty of woven fabrics. This winter bring your inner country file to the fore and where your tweed about town! Whether your rocking a coat or a suit, park the classic dark brown and green palettes. Instead, think tweed in grey, black or even pinks!

Handbag choice: Tweed outfit and matching bag is unnecessary – you can show much more creativity than that. If you love your bag, choose one colour to contrast your detailed fabric and go for a square or angular shape bag.

4 Shine like a SILVER star

Yes! Silver is back (did it ever go away)? Go weekend with a silver jacket, go evening out with coat or for the classic night out, dress to impress in a silver cocktail dress. And don’t be shy, the silver isn’t a knocked back gunmetal shade, it’s ‘bright like a diamond’ (well said Rhianna!)

Handbag choice: You can beat a strong bold contrasting colour, whether it’s black, bold purple, bright blue or bottle green – choose any colour from the rainbow. Top tip;:avoid the pastels. Silver is a statement and don’t let that dress down with a timid accessory!

5 Smooth like SILK

This is the chance for everyone to float through the season. Let the material waft around you as you stride through Autumn to winter, with blouses, voluminous skirts, long dresses belted in at the waist. All the silks this season require a colourful bold print. Take inspiration from the silk expert Salvatore Ferragamo.

Handbag choice: Just like the tweed, the top tip here is to carry a bag (shoulder or handbag) that is one colour. And don’t fall for the safe black bag. Take a bold colour from your print and accent – purple, blue and green hues are all represented in this season’s palette.

There you have it, the top 5 fashion trends for Autumn/winter 2018. There are other trends too such as angular headgear, pleated skirts, logo’d tops – all items you are well used to pairing bags with I’m sure.

Watch out for the forthcoming post on the best bag buys for the season, to match the colour and fashion trends. Happy researching in the meantime and you can catch up by checking in

Photo credit: Thanks to Vogue catwalk edits

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