Your guide to Autumn/Winter trends: step 1 – colours

Yep that’s colour with a ‘u’.  I’m a Londoner and you just can take those extra vowels out of my language.  But despite my spelling differences with the American English software, we tend to see very few differences in colours for seasonal fashion.  So wherever you shop or are located in the world, in this global economy expect to take your pick from these colours in the Autumn/Winter 2018 palette.

According to Pantone, the ‘home’ of colour matching and consistency, there are 12 seasonal colours to consider with an extra 5 foundation colours that form the base of this palette.  One might say nearly every colour to consider is covered.  Here are the one’s that will make your wardrobe en vogue

Autumn/winter 2018 colours

Autumn winter colours for 2018

You can start to hunt down bag accessories in these colours, however, before you are one click away before checkout, may I just inject some context or moods.  What to expect this season are

  • tweed checks – think browns, rustic yellow and orange hues, not just the classic forest green
  • silk – and not just to drape around your neck but in dresses too.  And the colours and prints should be spicy and vibrant.  Anything with red or purple hues will mean you are totally in the season’s groove.  And if you’re a wild one, go straight for an animal print
  • chunky knits and jackets and step away from the traditional black.  This is where you inject the brightsides of the green and blue palettes.  And heads up silver is back (did it ever go away)!

And here’s a heads up, leather is back in a big way.  This material isn’t just for your handbag.  Get a dress and don’t default to black.  Get a winter green dress to rock the look.

So it’s good news Ladies, your fashion palette for Autumn/winter means that we can go bold with our handbags.  Stay tuned as next week you will get a run down on the fashion trends for the wardrobe and which bags will match!

Keep up to date on the bags spotted out and about by popping by on any of the channels listed here:

Or leave a comment below on any bag style you’ve got your eye on!

Happy window shopping!

Header photo credit: Thanks to Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

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