Are you leaping into love on 29th February?

With an extra day in February, why not indulge in one of the well known leap year traditions? 29th February was the day that women broke with tradition and asked their loved ones to marry them. Folklore says this tradition came from Ireland in the 5th century and spread through Europe. I don’t have any brands based in the emerald island, but for this Saturday special, if you’re feeling the love, grab one of these bags to accompany your proposal.

Full of passion

From the team at Ame Moi, thank you for the instagram moments of retro films. Check out the Carmo bag in Santa Claus red on the arm of Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. Genius!

Hint Hint!

Leave nothing to chance and assume the answer in response to your proposal is yes. Feeling confident? Grab a clutch From St Xavier. The beading from this Aussie brand is some of the best quality I’ve seen.

All heart!

Whether you love a shoulder bag or backpack you can express your love and wear your heart, not on your sleeve, but on your bags.

Up first, from the Californian brand Hozen who make sustainable vegan bags, a heart shaped shoulder bag.

Staying with the USA, head to the east coast and New York, to Kate Spade who is showing love in spades!

And wearing your heart on your back is possible from the team at Gum Design. Ideal for lovers of backpacks.

And if red is too hot, you can powder off your pink hues with hearts by luscious Lulu Guinness.

The happy couple

From Wicker Wings in the UK, meet The Browns! A summer bag love affair begins with a woven bag.

From The Volon in South Korea, meet Po. Either as a belt bag or trunk bag. What a lovely pair.

From Neely and Chloe in New York, they bring customisation through hand painting. One for you and your future partner!

Here’s looking at you!

And last but by no means least, catch the eye not just of your lover but this bag from the summer collection of Moschino.

There you have it, for all you romantics, something for the weekend, 10 bags showing the love.

Enjoy this leap year and the extra day of February. Bring on spring!

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