Big Bag Baby! Something for the weekend.

This Sunday Special is all about the oversized. This is one of the rare, guilt free moments, to go super size…on your bag. That’s right, once these virus days are over, you’ll want to channel one of the key fashion trends from the SS’20 runways – the oversized tote bag. And this isn’t some far out crystal ball prediction. Think about it, after all the days on lock down, when we get the green light to move freely again, we’re going to want to max the hell out of those daylight hours. And there’s only one bag that can help you navigate all your needs from day to night, and that’s the ‘on trend’ large tote bags.

Not only does this issue of ‘something for the weekend’ bring you the 5 favourite bags from instagram this week, but all are guaranteed to catch eyes because they bring double the impact. What do I mean? These tote bags give you not just one of the key bag trends for this summer, they deliver a couple of them in one bag. Here’s a quick reminder of just some of the summer trends:

  • citrus colours – lime or tangerine
  • a weave – from crochet through to leather
  • neutrals – natural tones and materials

So if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s dive into the top 5 tote bags, spotted on instagram, that just keep on giving:

Dressed to kill!

From one of the designers who has dressed lots of actresses for the red carpet, Oscar de la Renta does not disappoint with the Nolo bag. Undoubtedly, this tote bag has one of the most inspired shapes, and for this season it is in a neutral tone, provided by the woven raffia. At this moment in time (March ’20) you can enjoy a 25% discount on their website (comes in under $2000). This is the key tote bag when wearing polka dots in the summer.

One of the bag trends for SS'20
Oscar de la Renta Nolo bag

Sunkissed shades

One of the key colour trends for SS’20 is citrus and shades of orange are right on the dial. From Wandler, who are based in Amsterdam in Holland; take their classic Hortensia bag, which took the bag market by storm end of 2018 into 2019, and remains ever popular. Now opt for the medium size (which is large sized) and in the Canyon Crust colour. You will catch the eye of any keen fashionista in Ibiza this summer. 735 euros.

One of the bag trends for SS'20
Wandler Hortensia bag

Gotta be in it to win it!

If you don’t actually want to spend any cash right now, not to worry, Rejina Pyo is offering the chance to win £1000 gift card. All you need to do is submit an original image inspired by your favourite Rejina Pyo piece. To enter you need to post your image on instagram, with the tag #MyRejinaPyo before Thursday 9 April. Personally, I’d have to park the oversized tote bag and spend the winnings on the Sylvia rope bag!

One of the bag trends for SS'20
Rejina Pyo Spring competition

To be woven

When you can’t quite decide between which of the bag trends of SS’20 you want to covet, look to Hereu and their bag studio, for the answer. With the Mediterranean vibe oozing out from their designs, the Coloma tote bag has a leather weave at its heart. Step away from the small size. Go for the larger size at 530 euros.

One of the bag trends for SS'20
Hereu Coloma tote bag

When small is big

And for those of you whom I’ve yet to convince to oversize. If you just can’t bear to carry too much at one time and will never go oversize, I’ve found the compromise for this summer. From Brahmin based in Massachusetts, USA, is the Duxbury satchel. This bag is compact but cavernous. Mary Poppins, if she was to appear this summer, I think would be carrying this bag but keeping on trend with the marmalde collection. $275.

One of the bag trends for SS'20
Brahmin Duxbury Satchel
During these times, our online channels are our refuge. There’s inspiration to be found amongst all the news and headlines. By trawling through all the bag websites for the key fashion trends of SS’20 and instagram feeds, something for the weekend brings you that five minutes of inspiration. All of the above bags can be found on instagram. And if you don’t want to spend any budget at this time, there’s even a chance to win! Good luck and here’s to finding the fashion moments of escapism during lockdown.

Main Photo credit to Eduardo Vázquez on Unsplash.

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