Luxury handbag brand masterclass?

So it has been 5 months since two luxury fashion houses combined their brand power to showcase the handbag of 2023, the Fendi x Tiffany baguette bag. It went on sale last month and is already ‘sold out’ online. If you’ve got your hands on this icon, do you consider yourself one of the lucky ones or are you delighted that you didn’t fall for a wonderful marketing collab? Here’s what’s to celebrate and what’s not.

The fabuously named baguette bag – after the French slim loaves of bread carried under arm, this bag is celebrating 25 years, first seen in 1997. It’s style has been creeping its way back on the runways for a few seasons now but SS’23 has seen the short strap slim shoulder bag firmly feature as part of many summer wardrobes.

And what’s not to love about the expert accents of both brands? Yes, the bag is all over blue, the iconic shade of the jeweller. And there’s the design of the double logo clasp? Silver FFs for Fendi and robin egg blue T for Tiffany. A branding masterclass.

The collab offers three different sizes of the bag, a medium size, a nano bag and a smaller bag charm, and in different textures. An excellent idea offering different price points.

So, what’s not to love? Firstly, the availability – this baguette bag was available for 24 hours. Then there was the online waiting room. All fantastic tactics to create demand by limiting the supply.

The colour may not be everyone’s palette – whilst the Tiffany blue is instantly recognisable, does it fall into a classic wardrobe staple, to transcend every season?

The jury is out on whether this is truly an investment bag. The price tag for this bag last month averaged £4000+ but you can find it already on the preloved sites, for example, Vestiaire Collection for £6400.

Fendi SS’23 runway

What you can purchase for a similar budget whether new or preloved check out the established iconic bags. What they bring is a double treat; a classic style plus wardrobe versatile colours.

So, if you missed out on the Fendi x Tiffany baguette or gave it a wide swerve, for more seasonal specific bag styles and bargains check out:

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