Is this the latest trend in handbag design?

Just in the last week I have noticed an increasing number of designers using a classic sewing technique in their handbag designs.  Welcome back whipstitching, the overcast stitch which combines two pieces of fabric together in a visible stitch.  No discreet stitches for us, checkout the designers celebrating the stitch!

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#fridayfeeling – bags of style on instagram 29 Sept 17

As the Fashion Weeks for SS18 come to a close and the designers and fashion editors draw breath, here is my round up, not of Paris but of the bags spotted on instagram which looked like they were up to something.  5 favourite bags on Friday!

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Seriously sexy designer handbags for under £3000 – including a Hermes!

#Tuesdaythoughts don’t necessarily stray to shopping, however, today I wondered what designer handbag brands would pop into the price range of £1000 to £3000 and yes it’s true, you can get a Louis Vuitton or Hermes for this budget!

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Bags uncovered at London Fashion Week Festival

The afternoon sun is still shining on London – I wonder if this is a first for this late in September…sticking with firsts, the high number of handbags spotted on display at London Fashion Week Festival.  What a delight to get up close and personal with these five lovely designers.  Continue reading “Bags uncovered at London Fashion Week Festival”

#fridayfeeling – 5 bag spots on instagram on 22 Sept 17

Happy Friday all!  Whilst it’s the official first day of Autumn/Fall for us northern hemisphere dwellers, here in London we are remembering life before uber!  Change is unstoppable but one thing we can rely on is the fabulous inspiration for fashion on instagram.

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Carnaby Street – to shop or not to shop for handbags?

One of my favourite bands The Jam sang of London’s shopping icons, Carnaby Street… ‘This street is a mirror for our country, reflects the rise and fall of our nation’.  The lyrics notes this little street’s hip times of the swinging sixties and its later decline a decade later.  But what does 21st century Carnaby street offer the fashion bag shopper today?

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New shops on the streets of London

Just like buses, nothing comes along for a while and then you get at least two arriving within seconds of each other.  The same can be said for retailing.  Central London has just opened its doors to two new fashion stores; from Poland, Reserved and from the H&M retail family, Arket. I went to see both to check out their bag offerings.

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The best bags you can buy under £1000 and on trend for winter ’17

If you haven’t been tempted yet by my best handbag buys for under £100, £300 and £500, open your wallet a bit wider and welcome the handbags under £1000 edit.

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It’s a wrap! The winter coat trends with the ultimate bag guide

Fall into winter; the clocks have gone back and the temperature drops.  Time to wrap up warm and throw on a coat.  In your haste to get out of the door, give a second thought to the bag which will buddy up with your winter outfit.

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