#fridayfeeling – 5 favourite bags from British designers on instagram 13 Oct 17

When it comes to hashtags #fridayfeeling has to share some airtime with #BuyBritishDay.  Today on Brick Lane, London there is a BOB event (Best of Britannia) which is all about the finest British made brands.  With my nod to BOB here is my round up of favourite bag spots on instagram this week from British designers.

If you are sitting comfortably, here’s something for the weekend…a collection of British designed bags that have lovely clean lines.  Calling all minimalists!

  1. Alfie Douglas – the Zero Mini.  This is two bags in one.  Boom!

Buy British Day - Alfie Douglas bag designer

2.  M Hulot Accessories has brought back the popular Prussia bag.  Result!

Buy British Day - M Hulot Prussia bag

3.  From East London and new kids on the block, Colourfield‘s satchel backpack.  Pop!

Buy British Day - Colourfield yellow satchel backpack

4.  Lost Property of London‘s tote bag Elwin.  Sustainable and handmade. Crafted!

Buy British Day Lost - Lost Property of London Elwin bag


5. Soft and smooth, the Shearling from Strathberry.  Seduced!

Buy British Day - Strathberry Shearling bag

Loved finishing on a furry moment – thank you Strathberry!  To check out the Autumn/winter trends and what bags work with the

Have a fab weekend!

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