Working 9 to 5! Bags for the office

Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’, so sang Dolly. Most of us have to and will head to an office 5 days a week to earn our living. About 1 in 5 of my friends (only 20%) will change their handbag during the week – the other 80% will carry an old faithful until it requires retiring. Whether you need a new addition or a replacement, feast your eyes on these stylish bags to add that extra bit of style to your work wardrobe.

And to be upfront, this isn’t an ode to the totes! Below you’ll find a selection of bag shapes and sizes; I understand not everyone has to transport a laptop, nor can some survive on the limited contents held by a baguette shoulder bag. Fear not, all the bags here have a redeeming feature that will be appreciated by the girl who has to style office days.

So whether you call it your business bag, maybe the office bag or factually, the laptop bag, here’s your run down of my favourite bags fit for your day job!

Totally Tall Tote!

Some people prefer a tall tote as opposed to landscape/briefcase shape. I get it, if you’re travelling on packed commuter trains – this bag can nestle under your arm and not get caught up in your fellow commuter’s legs in the cramped space – not unless you want it to, of course!

Navy is a gentle way to shift from a winter look and embrace the spring and summer. Be quick with this one though. This tall croc leather tote bag, the Sedar, from Jigsaw has 20% off. It’s reduced to £103 (to be precise)!

Bags for work, the office and laptops

If you work somewhere which is a bit more relaxed and you can wear your cropped trousers and white adidas trainers, may I introduce you to a US designer in New York, Emma Kuo and the relaxed Bowery bag. Check out the elegant stitching. Retails $800.

Bags for work, the office and laptops

Vegan leather

And when you like to keep some of your belongings separate – your purse, keys, phone, away from your gym kit for example, try this wonderful combo. From Fablou here in London, they also have a seasonal sale on right now. Get online quick for a sustainable spring and summer wardrobe option. Made from silicone (100% vegan) here are the crossbody boxy bag, the Chelsea and tall tote, the City. in a lovely neutral spring colour, frappucino. Priced in the sale £55 and £59 respectively. Best buy!

Bags for work, the office and laptop bags

The Two Tones

Two options for you here, naturally! Even when you work in the most conservative of office environments, you can still add a bit of subtle style to your bag by opting for one that has a second colour strategically placed.

From Germany, PB0110 makes bags from the softest leather. I discovered them when they exhibited in London. This is the AB2 Cognac bag. To find this bag you’ll need to be quick as it’s in their Archive Sale. Priced €399.50 and you’ll find it on page 2.

Bags for work, the office and laptops

And for those with an appreciation for innovation and function, may I introduce to you Le Flip from Abby Union. Unpop the side panels and open the handles and you flip the inside to the outside. In beautifully soft calf leather this bags comes in a variety of colours, in medium or mini. Medium size is priced at €990.

Back to black

Whilst I try to convince readers to pop the black bag to the back of the wardrobe and adopt a lighter colour as we head for SS19, I know I’ve got more chance of wining the lottery! So for those who cannot go without their friendly black bag companion, let’s give you 3 options. First up from London town, Aspinal of London. The large Florence snap bag just catches the eye. When you need to go from day to night, this is the bag for you. Priced at £795, it’s croc leather. Opt for the bag with the contrasting snap bar – it’s all in the detail.

And keeping it British again, from the house of Burberry, the Belt bag. A favourite of mine with its contrasting belt colour. However, don’t expect lots of organising pockets. Opt for the large size if you need to carry a laptop. Good news is you can also chuck in a back up pair of shoes without the bag revealing what’s inside. Priced at £1790.

For laptops only

When you want a slim bag but it still has to accommodate a laptop, head to Kate Spade. Look at how slim these two options are! The bag on the left will accommodate most laptops, the Sylvia Slim. The one on the right, the Saffiano with it’s double zips will carry the smaller laptops if they are under 13 inches. Both are priced at £275.

Go boldly into work

When you don’t care what others think, here are two bags, for different reasons, that are worthy of your consideration.

Firstly, in a natural tan colour, one of the key colour trends for SS19 (not just to be worn when wearing a spring trench coat), enjoy the detail on this beautiful bag from Mlouye. This is called the Business Bag. It’s crafted from Italian leather with velvet lining and has enough room for your 13″ laptop or tablet. Price $425.

And last but by no means least. From Paris, Longchamp has long been providing us with highly functional and stylish ways to carry our essentials. And yes, I bring you a bag from their Le Pliage collection. However, this document holder gives you a foldable option. So keep it stored in your handbag and when you need to carry papers or laptop from work, you are ready to go, keeping your style simple and classic. As you can expect from Longchamp, there are lots of colour options. I can’t resist the Blue Mist for SS19. Priced £65.

Bags for work, the office and laptops

Wherever you work, whatever you have to carry, let’s get inspired for this spring and summer and refresh the office wardrobe with a new work bag. There are no excuses as there are quite a few seasonal sales on right now, offering 20 to 50% off.

Happy shopping!

For more inspiration on SS19 bags check out:

Thanks to from Pexels for the lead photo.

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