Weave through the high street hits for summer

In many places across the world lockdown is easing and the non essential shops are getting ready to open.  However, the last two to three months saw most of us switch to online.  So it’s probably worth reminding ourselves of the gems that can be found on our towns’ and cities’ high streets.  Let’s take a more local view and see where we can support the shops that are on the high street, which provide a central hub and local employment. And let’s take a wardrobe staple, the summer woven bag, to show the striking designs that you can uncover. Here are 10 of the best woven bags to discover now; from under £10 to £300.

Social distancing by day

For when you are meeting the allowed number of friends for a walk or picnic, why not consider one of these differently shaped day bags.  From the left, from the UK boutique Whistles but can also be found at John Lewis department store, the Selby straw half moon bag (£59.25).  In the centre, from Mango, the woven lattice bag (£49.99).  And on the right, for all of you who like your hands free, from Marks and Spencer, the straw backpack which comes in a variety of colour options (£25).  Pictured pretty in pink here.

And by night

Popping around to someone’s backyard for a birthday toast or BBQ?  Here are the smaller bags to compliment a summer’s evening outfit.  

Firstly from H&M, the bargain of the day, the braided shoulder bag with chain strap and with its chain strap, this will transition you nicely into one of the key autumn/winter trends. this year.  Available in orange or black, the orange is only £9!

Woven fashion bags for summer
H&M braided shoulder bag

The revived baguette bag trend is still with us and if you fancy the style that keeps your bag nicely tucked under your shoulder, why not opt for this braided shoulder bag from Zara (£39.99).  Or if leather is your material of choice, a braided black woven bag from &Other Stories is a popular choice.  This style feels softly padded, which if you want to get ahead by investing in a bag that will rock one of the autumn/winter styles too, this will cost you £125.  And, last but by no means least, for a clutch with a wrist band so you can keep your hands free to handle a plate of food and drink whilst standing (I’m thinking BBQs), another bag from Marks and Spencer, the eye catching half moon rope clutch bag (£19.50).  

There you have it 10 woven fashion bags for summer (and autumn/winter too) ranging from £9 to £299, from the retail stores found on many town and city high streets.  To check on the trends for summer 2020 and autumn/winter 2020/1, here are the round ups with what to look out for:


Photo credit (header image),  thanks to ONNE Beauty on Unsplash.

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