Women’s fashion trends for AW’20

It’s unusual for me to share the trends of a future season so early; however, I think there’s a benefit to getting ahead.  When lockdown is lifted expect to be bombarded with messages from all brands; helping to stimulate demand and help the economy bounce back.  However, whether it’s been a case of having less to spend or changing priorities, our fashion consumption has reduced.  There’ll be lots of promotions to entice you back to former habits as lockdowns are lifted.  So the aim of this article is to give you a round up of the 7 women’s fashion trends for this autumn/winter, so you can shop smartly.  Scan the fashion trends summary below to know what to look for.

1. Plaid check

It’s a classic and even the most print averse woman can carry off this classic check.  Good news, it’s not just to be found on a blazer, but skirts, jackets and bags.  On a blazer you’ll need to bring in the waist with belt.

2. Fringe theatre

Slinky long tassels have been on bags for a while but now it’s the turn of your skirt, coat or top.  The skirt is very much a staple of the AW’20 fashionista’s wardrobe and opt for drama and volume in your skirt.

AW'20 women's fashion trends

3. Long leather

Put the leather trousers from last season to one side to make room for long fluid skirts and coats.  20 years may have passed since the first Matrix film, with a new instalment of the movie franchise on the way in 2021, now’s the time, leather, will be everywhere.

4. Red hot

When it comes to a colour pop for the Christmas party, head straight for red.  Of course Milan catwalks showcased red designs, in the home country of Ferrari; just take a look at Bottega Veneta and Valentino.  However, the designers in other cities put us on red alert too.

Women's fashion trends for AW'20
Bottega Veneta

5. Shag pile

If you’re looking for a different type of volume; not just in the skirts or shoulders, but all over and with more of a texture, as opposed the smooth touch of leather, opt for a shaggy jacket or coat.  And there’s no colour code; celebrate your separates with this look.

6. Black magic women

The regular followers of Bagwhispers will know I try to inspire readers away from the black bag in autumn and winter.  However I know whe,n not to waste my breath and the upcoming AW’20 season is one of these times.  Not just because I’ve warned you of a Matrix wardrobe revival but when you’re wearing black, the style is go head to toe.

Women's fashion trends for AW'20

7. Arms up

Finally, add drama to your winter wardrobe with top of the arm shapes.  Shoulders and sleeves are dramatic with puffed up, ruffles and points on the shoulders.  From Roksanda, Fendi, Chanel to Balenciaga, there was impact in all areas around the shoulders.

Keep these 7 key fashion trends for women for autumn/winter 2020/1 in mind over the next couple of months, to navigate lots of retail promotions, sales or some second hand shopping.  See if you can source a bargain for autumn/winter for when we hope to be mingling again and picking up the party season!

And for those looking for a refresher on the summer styles, check out:



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