Colours of Spring and Summer 2021

Right now, if you’re on trend, you’ll have bright reds, bright pinks and brown and blacks in your winter wardrobe, albeit in leisurewear rather than suits and skirts – lockdown giving us an established loungewear look! If you’re thinking about Christmas gifts or wanting to spot a bargain in the winter sales for 2021, plan for spring and summer and seek out the 10 key colours to spot.

According to Pantone Color Institute these 10 colours for Spring/Summer 2021 were dominant in the New York shows. Good news, there’s something for every skin tone and hair colour. And for those who are fans of the film Devil Wears Prada and remember Andrea’s comment about blue belts looking the same, let’s welcome that shade of blue, as educated by Meryl Streep’s character…Cerulean!

10 key colours for SS'21 women's fashion

And the subtler shades, typically pastels have a refreshingly broader palette this spring. No need to default to baby pink or primrose yellow…

10 key colours for SS;21
Green Ash and Burnt Coral

But for those who like the a little more depth than the pastels, say hello to stronger earthy tones…

However, for those who are bold of heart, you aren’t forgotten! And I promised something for every skin tone. These four colours will brighten any spring day…

Use the colours above in the following ways:

  • Tone your whole outfit in one colour (opt for one of the more gentler shades)
  • Use a foundation base colour in your skirts, trousers or jacket against one of the stronger colours. Lean towards the golden brown or powdery sand tones

And don’t forget to check out the designer fashion bags from the runways and virtual fashion shows for SS’21.

Now you are armed with your colour checker just in time for Black Friday deals and Christmas gift lists.

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