It’s a wrap! The winter coat trends with the ultimate bag guide

Fall into winter; the clocks have gone back and the temperature drops.  Time to wrap up warm and throw on a coat.  In your haste to get out of the door, give a second thought to the bag which will buddy up with your winter outfit.

Vogue identified 8 coat trends for winter 2017/18 and I’ve taken the key ones; 6 in fact, to guide you through the do’s and don’ts when pairing your bag with your winter warmer.


Quilted jackets and coats

In a cavalier state of mind you might think that a bag isn’t needed as the pockets in these jackets are larger than normal.  Don’t be tempted to fill your pockets.  You will only add bulk in odd places. Opt for a cross body or backpack to match the casual style of these coats.  Here are 3 styles for inspiration from designer to high street.


White coats

Go black for drama or accent a colour in the scarf or any part of the outfit that might be peeking out, not covered by the coat.  If going black, go for interesting shapes to contrast. You are spoilt for choice this season.  Lulu Guinness, PB110 and Mansur Gavriel are good places to start.


Herringbone coat

Here you need to match a colour in the check and keep the bag one colour, so the fabric design can be the hero.  If going hounds/dogtooth – go white and that’s for both the boots and bag!  Coach, Mulberry and Mansur Gavriel have all caught my eye.


Furry or Teddy Bear coat

This season there are furry coats and furry handbags.  And whilst we have gotten comfortable with double denim; step away from the double furry.  You’ve been warned! Yetti free zone please.  Your bag will stand out if it is in a contrasting colour.   Quality can be found at many price points.  Take Hill and Friends, Karen Millen and John Lewis.



Trench or raincoat

Reach for your shoulder bags to start.  Then opt for either a bag that has lots of detail or one that adds a contrasting flash colour to finish off the outfit.  Here in ascending order or price, Cos, Tod’s and Prada.


Coloured leather coats

This one is easy, just one rule and that is accent one of the colours in the coat even if its just the buttons, to rock this look.  If you like a bit of embellishment, go studs to rock this look. Structure and metal are abound at Dior, Prada and Roksanda.


Whichever coat trend you go for, there is a bag style to consider.  With 6 of the most popular coat trends, there you have it, the bags to match!  You now have your winter warmers all wrapped up.

Need an overview of this season’s trends?  Check out these


Thanks to Photo Ashton Bingham on Unsplash for the header image.





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